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  •  @14rmjr  Thanks for watching!!! ☺️📺  @BET 9 hours ago
  • RT  @14rmjr :  @AmandaSalas  Finally got to see You on my T.V. Screen again 🙂 Thanks for sharing Your Appearance tonight on Your IG page :-)…9 hours ago
  • Wow  @GetSpectrum , 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW THE INTERNET GOES OUT?!?! What is going on??10 hours ago
  • RT  @FOXLA : Universal Studios celebrates Christmas at the 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter'  @AmandaSalas 11 hours ago
  • Did you see fireworks in the sky, and think to yourself “I wonder why?” Do you need a reason to have a little more… hours ago
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