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Arctic Air Pure Chill XL Evaporative Air Cooling Tower, 12 Volts

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    Introducing Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL, the personal, evaporative air cooler that allows you to enjoy cooler, chilled air…practically anywhere! Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL use 200% more cooling power than the original Arctic Air Pure Chill® XL†! Simply fill the Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL with water and turn it on. The secret is the Hydro-Chill™ technology. This powerful space cooler uses three cooling jets combined with an evaporative cooling cartridge that helps turn hot air into cooler, refreshing air…instantly!

    Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL is lightweight and portable. Bring it with you to any room of the house! It’s great for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, basements, and more! Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL oscillates for larger area coverage. It’s quiet so it's unlikely to disturb you or others around you. The easy-to-use touch controls adjust the 4 speed settings, LED nightlight, oscillation, and auto-shut off features. Best of all, Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL can run for up to 16 hours per fill*, so you don’t have to worry about constantly adding water. Experience the cooling comfort of Arctic Air® Chill Zone XL!


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