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Arctic Air Freedom Wearable Personal Neck Cooler and Air Cooler, as Seen On TV

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    Arctic Air Freedom Wearable Personal Neck Cooler and Air Cooler, As Seen On TV

    The wearable personal evaporative air cooler, Arctic Air Freedom, is the hands-free way to stay cool. Just slip this this cordless, personal evaporative cooler with air purification around your neck, turn it on, and the heat is gone. The secret is dual dynamic jets that send refreshing air through 51 targeted vents for maximum cooling relief. Arctic Air Freedom Neck Fan pulls in hot air and instantly transforms it into a cool refreshing breeze. The multi-flex neck band adjusts to fit your frame perfectly while the jets deliver cooling relief to your neck and head, which then provides total body comfort. Arctic Air Freedom helps keep the air around you fresh and clean with the built-in ionic purifier that assists in the removal of allergens and pollutants in the surrounding air.

    Artic Air Freedom is compact, lightweight, and comfortable. This arctic neck swamp cooler's cordless and wearable design keeps your hands free allowing you to take it anywhere. This wearable, evaporative air cooler and purifier neck fan has three artic settings (low, medium, and high), and provides hours of maximum cooling relief on a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery.

    The Arctic Air Freedom neck cooler is great for both indoor and outdoor use. relaxing at home, walking the dog, working at the office, attending a sporting event, exercising at the gym, hanging out at the beach, going to the amusement park, working in the garden, mowing the lawn, and much more. Take this Arctic Air neck evaporative air cooler anywhere you need cool, refreshing air!


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