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    The PBXA/T Hardcore is Pit Bull’s unique answer to the All-Terrain LT market. The PBX A/T is an IN-BETWEEN tire, specifically designed to meet your daily on-road use without sacrificing key off-road functions you’ve come to expect from a Pit Bull. The PBX A/T Hardcore is in-between an A/T and an M/T. It has incredible on-road ride comfort and handling, with low noise output, and yet has incredible traction. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!!

    Our unique 6 RIB design is they key to how we have been able to do so well...what other tires wish they could do or claim they do...but fall short. Our Pit Bull Design Team truly thinks outside the box and after three years of R&D, we now offer you THE LT TIRE THAT YOU'VE BEEN ASKING FOR!!!

    HARDCORE Construction
    HARDCORE Performance
    HARDCORE Driven

    The PBX A/T Hardcore is truly a beautiful balance of on-road requirements and off-road necessity. We wanted to make a tire that looked great and performed great, both on-road and off-road.


    You want off-road looks, on-road function, road comfort, noise comfort, toughness, reliability, endurance and serious traction for increased safety in extreme conditions....then the PBX A/T Hardcore is THE tire for you!

    Don't believe us...they are our tires...our babies...and of course we are biased. Wait until your friends get a set and tell you how incredible they are and how much they love them. The PBX A/T Hardcore IS THE NEW STANDARD IN LIGHT TRUCK A/T TIRES!!!

    Highway, Farm, Ranch, Towing or Trails, this newest member of the Dog Pack is your new best friend.


    PB1556RE - 35x1250R17LT/E - available

    PB1557RE - 35X1250R18LT/E - available

    PB1558RE - 35X1250R20LT/E - available

    PB1559RE - 35X1250R22LT/E (LT325/50R22) - IN STOCK DECEMBER 2018


    Many more sizes available 2019

    Pit Bull offers a 40,000 Mile *Standard Limited Treadwear Warranty on the PBX A/T Hardcore! Highway, farm, ranch, towing or wheeling, the newest member of the Dog Pack is your new best friend in any situation.


    - 3-Peak Winter Mountain/Snowflake - meets the severe snow requirements of the RMA and RAC. And our PBX A/T Hardcore is truly awesome in the ice, snow and rain.  TOUTED AS ONE OF THE BEST SNOW TIRES AROUND!!!


    "I should also add that these are the BEST tires I haver used in the snow. I have a good friend who does snow removal in Truckee and I was following his service truck that has studded tires without an issue. I have never been able to do that before." - (F250) Harry Wagner / Harry Situations - Freelance 4WD Writing & Photography, Vehicle Features, Tech & Trail Reports


      Pit Bull offers a 40,000 Mile *Standard Limited Treadwear Warranty on the PBX A/T Hardcore! Highway, farm, ranch, towing or wheeling, the newest member of the Dog Pack is your new best friend in any situation.


      rated with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake for Winter driving conditions. What's that mean? It means that you have yourself an incredible Winter biting tire that will evacuate snow/slush easily and provide you incredible traction even in freezing temperatures. It means that a 3-peak mountain/snowflake symbol branded on the tire's sidewall identifies the PBX A/T as meeting the severe snow requirements of the U.S. Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC).

      M&S rated

      Unique Tread Design with Six Row/ 5 Circumferential Groove Channels - Six rows provide more biting edges, Five circumferential groove channels provide more ways to move water and muck. The combination of the two helps with cooling, highway wear, noise reduction and a truly unique Pit Bull look.

      Most up-to-date design - designed by the same Pit Bull Team that has brought you long-time proven rugged tires for serious trail riding and off-road terrains. We know tough and now we’ve taken our knowledge and put it into a Daily Driver All Terrain tire.

      Staggered Design - increases biting on all types of terrain and weather conditions.

      Multi-Pitch Variation / All Bite No BarkTechnology with Variable Pitch Sequence Tread Design - alternating tread blocks and pitch sequence/sizing helps to decrease tire pitch noise at higher speeds and increases traction.

      Stepped Lugs - equally dispersed throughout the lug pattern which aid traction and stone removal

      Staggered Shoulder Lugs - increases traction in off-road conditions and inclement weather.

      Over-The-Shoulder Sidewall Lugs & Traction - sidewall designs that not only enhance the looks, but add extra strength (help increase puncture resistance) and traction to the shoulder areas.

      Stone Repellent Technology - pretty self explanatory wouldn’t you say?

      Super Siping- we use a combination of siping techniques to give you 3D, Multi-level, interlocking and alternating directional siping. That’s a lot of stuff working together to maximize traction without sacrificing feel. Our Super Siping helps in Wet / Snow conditions and is designed to help reduce sipe stress.

      HardcoreTechnology Compound - (a) chip & tear resistant rubber compound - of course no tire is impervious to damage, but we try to use innovative compounds to give you a tire with confidence; (b) 3ply - adds strength to tread and sidewall areas.

      Rim Guards - gotta have ‘em

      Cool Dual Sidewall Designs - different style lettering on either side. You choose what makes you tick.

      Sidewall Tire Tattoos- we consider our tires to be works of art and we care about the details because we know that you feel the same way about your tires…you want something that enhances the looks of your vehicle AND functions the way you need them to work.

      US & Int'l Patents Pending

      • PB1556RE - 35x1250R17LT/E - available now
      • PB1557RE - 35X1250R18LT/E - available now
      • PB1558RE - 35X1250R20LT/E - available now
      • PB1559RE - LT325/50R222 (E) (35X1250R22LT/E) - Available December 2018

    • For those of you who like the "extras" that we put into our's a list of what the Hawaiian words means on the PBX sidewalls:
      'Ohana - Family
      Kupa'a - Faithful (stand together as one)
      Hae - Fierce
      Uila - Lightning
      Mana - Spiritual power
      Lani - Heaven
      Malu - Strength/protection
      Kai - Sea

      We also included our Honor, Guts & GloryLogo on the sidewall in honor of the men and women who serve(d) our country. Thank deserve better treatment than what you currently receive from our government.


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